Travel plans for the SE team the next 3 months:

In mid September we are visiting Kisumu in Kenya to meet up with the program coordinating committee of the DaCCA program. On the agenda is an assessment of early progress of the newly approved climate projects and joint discussions with local county authorities on how they perceive the collaborations with the program. Also, as the phase out of projects in Nairobi is nearly completed we will be making a stop-over at the Umande Trusts offices in Kibera to hear about how the closing processes are proceeding.

Staff from Livaningo and ADEL in Mozambique has over the past couple of months participated in a joint evaluation and new baseline collection mission to the Natural Resource Management Program being implemented in Sofala province. The evaluation is lead by an external consultant Mr. Elias Ainadine. The findings and recommendations of the team will feed into the detailed formulation of a new program centred around the natural resource committees. In late September we will be in Maputo to participate in the workshop presenting the findings of the assignment. A more detailed program formulation workshop will take place in Beira the week after. In mid November SE staff is back again on a monitoring visit to the newly started honey value chain project, Prodel.

Senegal. Early October: Follow-up mission to the ACE project (Accelerating Implementation of Regional Policies on Clean Energy). The visit will discuss the results of the individual country baseline studies carried out in September and agree on any adjustments to the Project Implementation Plan.

Mali: Planned mid-November. Debriefing workshop on the findings of the evaluation of the SUDEP project.