The DaCCA programme, Kenya.

Finn Tobiesen and Lars Jacobsen will visit Kenya between 20th and 29th September. A main purpose of their mission is to meet and be debriefed by an external consulting team who has been charged with conducting a major midterm review of the DaCCA programme. The visit will also include a discussion and finalisation of the advocacy strategy and quality control and approval of new baselines from the project areas prepared by consortium partners.

The NRMC programme, Mozambique.

Troels Hovgaard, Jens Christian Jensen and Lars Jacobsen will visit Mozambique between 10th September and 23th September. Important points on their agenda include a participation in the second joint programme review meeting in Beira, training on the most significant change methodology in Maputo, discussion of issues around the EU funded PRODEL project and a series of planned consultations with the accounting sections in both Livaningo and ADEL.

The ACE project, West Africa.

Maria Graversen and Gunnar Olesen will visit the project ‘Accelerating Implementation of Regional Policies on Clean Energy’ (ACE) in Burkina Faso and Mali between 4th and 12th October. The mission will be carried out in cooperation with the regional coordinator of the ACE project, Mr. Djimingue Nanasta from ENDA-Energie. The main focus of the mission is to follow up on the national activities in the project and meet with the national coalition partners in both Burkina Faso and Mali.

The PIPA project and COP 23 in Bonn.

Maria Graversen and Gunnar Olesen will participate in the second partner meeting for the project ‘Promoting the Implementation of the Paris Agreement in East Africa’ (PIPA) in Bonn from November 3rd to 5th. The project meeting will focus on following up on the national and regional activities. Following the partner meeting, there will be participation in the negotiations and side events of COP23. A side event organized by the PIPA partners focusing on the NDCs implementation and adjustment process in East Africa is scheduled to November 8th.