Successful #YouthBaton meeting in Burkina Faso

In January 2016, 21 youth volunteers and coordinators of the #YouthBaton project met in Burkina Faso to strengthen ties across borders and to learn from each other and exchange best practices to tackle climate change. Furthermore, the meeting facilitated a fruitful opportunity for both African and Danish volunteers to engage in discussions about how to mobilize young people to take action and have their voices heard.

It was noted how remarkable the similarities were between the youth mobilization approaches in the African countries and Denmark in relation to school visits and the use of social media. Coordinators remarked that the participants’ engagement in the project and in climate issues was overwhelming.

Initiated by SustainableEnergy, the #YouthBaton project engages young people from Kenya, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Mali to join forces, discuss and act through campaigns to combat climate change.

The topics of the 16 campaigns that the volunteers in the #YouthBaton have selected to undertake, ranges from sustainable energy and sanitation to deforesting and solid waste management. The volunteers in the #YouthBaton project use a social media dashboard to share experiences and discuss activities and actions across countries. Visit to read more about the #YouthBaton project.