The Natural Ressource Committee of Tambarara, April 2017

The purpose of the programme is that communities can take care of their own natural resources and obtain and make inclusive and sustainable use of revenues generated from an exploitation of natural resources within community owned land. The law providing for the revenue is quite progressive but unfortunately equally in-transparent in its implementation.
The direct work with communities is carried out by ADEL Sofala complemented by two other Sofala based organisations, these are Muleide – Women’s Association for Law and Development and Ipaj – Institute for Legal Assistance and Representation.

Livaningo, a Maputo based advocacy organization,  will be looking at the effects of the program targeting national networks and agendas through communication and advocacy efforts – often together with other members of the consortium. A network of environmental concerned journalists is also attached to the program.

It is the expectation of SustainableEnergy and the partners that civil society actors working closely together will have a greater impact in addressing structural constraints that constitute a barrier to people centered and just development in the Province of Sofala.

Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2017
Project ends: December 31, 2019
Project funded by: The Danida Frame Allocation / CISU Programme Facility
Project budget: DKK 4,5 mill. (part of the Danida Frame Allocation)

Project documents

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