Meeting to assess the situation of gender in the Natural Resources Management Committee of Tambarara community

The programme gives continuation to a first phase lasting from  2017-19 where 15 Natural Resource Management Committees  (NRMC’s) in two districts of the Sofala Province had their capacities raised and where the experiences from the field were used to engage authorities in addressing some of the pitfalls in the implementation of pieces of legislation meant to aid the operations of the NRMCs.

In this phase, another 10 committees have been added from a neighbouring district.  The new committees will be taken through a more conceptualized capacity building programme and the advocacy efforts will be continued with the ambition to now also include climate change issues at district and provincial levels. Furthermore, the programme will invest resources in bolstering and compiling the model and knowledge creation that has taken place during the years that NRMC’s in Sofala Province have been supported by the consortium of partners. This aspect was already an integrated part of the objective of the first phase but is now given full attention. Hence, the objective remains the same as during the first phase, namely:

Knowledge is generated about the ability, effectiveness and efficiency of national and local tax and other revenue mechanisms from sustainable natural resource exploitation at community level to strengthen these and their adaptive capacities to ongoing climate changes. The knowledge is used to increase incomes in targeted communities and influence duty bearers to improve accountable and transparent distribution of benefits thereby contributing to higher community resilience

The NRMC consortium of partners uses a web-blog to disseminate programme news and findings.

The organisations taking part in the NRMC component are:


Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2020
Project ends: December 31, 2022
Project funded by: CISU / Danida
Project budget: Included in the Decentralisation and Climate Change programme

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