To respond to the growing humanitarian crisis in the northern region of Mozambique as a result of the escalation of the conflict in Cabo Delgado, where over 300,000 people are now displaced, SustainableEnergy and its local partner Livaningo, through this Integrated Rapid Response project aims to save lives and address protection needs through the restoration of livelihoods of resettled IDPs Households and improve cohesion between hosting and IDPs communities in Nampula, Meconta District. Agriculture in emergency activities will target a specific and well-defined group of 300 IDP households who have been reallocated to permanent accommodation centres and have a plot of land allocated to them. In contrast, social cohesion activities will target both the resettled group and the surrounding hosting communities. The intervention is coordinated with the relevant humanitarian aid sector clusters in Nampula Province.

Project data:
Project begins: November 16, 2020
Project ends: May 16, 2021
Project funded by: CISU, DERF
Project budget: DKK 610,308

Project documents

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