Diana, a young Kenyan artist, makes a handbag using old tires.

Inspired by young resourceful Kenyan entrepreneurs working with recycling and upcycling of second-hand products this project seeks to inform and engage Danish students at vocational pre-training centers in Denmark. The training centers target young people who are still looking for a suitable study or profession and are rarely very engaged in global issues. It is estimated that about a third of the Danish population has a limited knowledge and interest in global development issues. Reaching this group of people with relevant communication material becomes a special challenge.

A series of simple how-to videos introduce the students to several skilled and self-made Kenyan craftsmen. The ‘How to step-by-step videos’ facilitates the creation of a shared space between young people in Denmark and young Kenyans. The aim of the videos is that the simple craftmanship displayed, will be capable of inspiring the students at the vocational training center to either engage in something similar or result in new localized ideas. Whilst showing and working with the material in the videos it is also hoped that they will be capable of catalyzing a debate or reflection on similarities between hopes and aspirations of young green entrepreneurs across two different continents.

The videos are brought to the Danish classrooms along with supplementary educational material that consist of tangible step-by-step guides as well as background materials that provides the students with knowledge about the similarities and differences between Kenyan and Danish society.

Watch one of the step-by-step guides here.

Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2022
Project ends: January 1, 2024
Project funded by: CISU, Engagementspuljen
Project budget: DKK 881.000

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