The DaCCA program seeks to take advantage from the possibilities appearing in the new Kenyan constitution (2010) introducing devolved governance at both political and administrative levels. Under the devolution act 15% of central government revenues are planned to be transferred to the county governments with an intention of institutionalizing public participation in planning and decision making processes. Although the pitfalls are many there is a general agreement amongst civil society in Kenya that over time the act gives a real opportunity of bringing democratic decisions closer to the grass roots prioritizing local needs whilst addressing the challenges of inequality and poverty. The DaCCA program will test and facilitate the willingness of duty-bearers to carry out the intentions of the act. It is expected that the organisational structure of the program will stimulate a creative process where synergy between the alliance partners will create new models for partnership between duty-bearers and right-holders in mutual interest of mitigating the effect of climate change. DaCCA has been designed with 4 Kenyan CSOs: CREPP, Osienala, Umande Trust and SusWatch.

Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2016
Project ends: December 31, 2019
Project funded by: The Danida Frame Allocation / CISU Programme Facility
Project budget: DKK 6,3 mill.

Project documents

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