Farmers from Mozambique

The program consists of two country programs in Mozambique and Kenya, respectively. The target groups in the two programs are vulnerable population groups whose living conditions are further deteriorated by the noticeable climate change the regions are exposed to, for example, shifting rain patterns, frequent floods, decrease in yields and longer droughts. Through a number of local civil society organizations, the program supports the ability of the affected groups to implement sustainable natural resource management. Efforts will be based on simple local development plans / agreements with local communities, such as tree planting, nursery schools, bee keeping, general restructuring of agricultural production, more drought-resistant crops as well as the establishment of solar-powered irrigation systems and electrification of homes via solar cells. On the basis of practical efforts, the program will, through advocacy, influence local policies and budgets to be more directed towards the most vulnerable populations. The program is also linked to the climate policy work undertaken by VE in Denmark.

The country programs are mentioned elsewhere on this page under these two names:

– Natural Resource Management Committees in Sofala – Governance, Rights and Climate Change

–  Devolution and 
Climate Change Adaptation in Western Kenya

Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2018
Project ends: December 31, 2019
Project funded by: The Danida Frame Allocation / CISU Programme Facility
Project budget: DKK 15 Mill

Project documents

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