The Programme is implemented in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania with the latter entering only in 2022. The programme engages with poverty alleviation at sub-national levels within the environment and natural resources sector. The thematic focus is a combination of addressing current national decentralisation challenges with experienced climate changes in rural areas.

Through the programme SustainableEnergy work with small to medium-sized Civil Society Organisations that already have a respected track record within their field of expertise and/or within their constituency and they are all engaged via consortium set-ups in each country.

Furthermore, in each country, the programme is organised around four identical thematic entry points, namely:

  • Community
  • Advocacy
  • Consortium
  • Private sector

Each of the country components (Kenya and Mozambique so far) have their own presentation below and similarly a transversal communication component – the Programmatic Communication Platform – is separately described.


Project data:
Project begins: January 1, 2020
Project ends: December 31, 2023
Project funded by: CISU / Danida
Project budget: DKK 34.9 Mill.

Project documents

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