Rural Women Peace LINK

The Rural Women Peace Link (RWPL) is a non-governmental organization with the mandate to promote an inclusive society in Kenya, which values peace and in which the contributions of women matters. Its mission is to mobilize, influence and promote the participation of local women in peacebuilding, community governance and development. RWPL’s main programmes include:

•Peacebuilding and conflict mitigation

•Education support and mentorship

•Leadership and governance.

RWPL is the implementing partner of the project: “Displaced pastoralist children in Endo Marakwet County, East” funded by Danmarksindsamlingen.

Farol Consultancies and services

Farol Consultoria e Serviços is a consultancy and services company established in 2013 and headquartered in Maputo City. FAROL offers services in the areas of planning, design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic development initiatives.

Farol is a partner in the NRMC component.

Transparency International Kenya

Founded in 1999 in Kenya, TI-Kenya is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of
developing a transparent and corruption-free society through good governance
and social justice initiatives. TI-Kenya is one of the autonomous chapters of the
global Transparency International movement that is bound by a common vision
of a corruption-free world. The global movement provides a platform for sharing
knowledge and experience, as well as developing strategies to respond to regionally
distinct patterns of corruption.

TI-Kenya is a partner in the DaCCA component


Victoria Institute for Research on Environment and Development, (VIRED) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that has been involved in community projects in the Nyando River Basin since 2000. VIRED focuses on making knowledge on sustainable management of natural resources available to local communities.

VIRED is a partner in projects in Kenya financed by the Danmarksindsamling.


One vision Kenya is a youth-led non-profit organization working with communities in the rural areas of Migori county- Kenya. One vision Kenya design and implement socio-economic projects, with a focus on education for sustainability, agri-business, environmental conservation and climate change.
The vision of the organisation is “to provide a platform for pupils, students and community at large in Migori County to benefit from environmental education and learn values, skills, behaviors and lifestyles that ensure job creation, improve food security and leads to environmental sustainability in the region.”

One vision Kenya is a partner in the DaCCA component.

The Community Mobilization Against Desertification (C-MAD) is a Non-Governmental Organization which was initiated to reduce poverty and improve resource management in southwest Kenya. The Organization operates in West Kenya particularly in Migori, Homa Bay and Siaya counties. C-MAD’s work targets the rural communities that are resource constrained and vulnerable.
The institution administers its programmes by working closely with and through the community and community groups, as it seeks to empower them to uplift their health, dignity and economic being. C-MAD works with the government, private sector, schools, and communities for advocacy and activities that promote sustainable development as well as improve the living standards of the communities.
C-MAD is a partner in the DaCCA Component.

Agriculture Improvement Support Services (AGRISS) is a registered NGO in Kenya founded in 2015 based in Homabay County but its operational area spans in six counties of Homabay, Migori, Kisumu, Siaya, Busia and Vihiga. 

The objective is to improve the health and Nutrition of HIV affected and at risk populations through sustainable agricultural practices. AGRISS reach out to communities with practical trainings on nutrition sensitive sustainable agriculture via community based field facilitators who reach out to the farming groups. AGRISS is is a partner in the DaCCA component.


Once a year, Danish humanitarian organizations and the National Television Broadcast company come together to organise a national fundraising activity to help people in some of the world’s poorest countries.

In 2018 and 2019 SustainableEnergy was granted support for two different projects in Kenya.

The European Responsible Investment Network (ERIN)

The European Responsible Investment Network (ERIN) is a network for civil society organisations that have an interest in advocating for sustainable investment practices by institutional investors and in mobilising investors in their campaigns (capital markets campaigning). 

It was officially launched at the Responsible Investment in Europe conference in June 2016 and has to date 35 official members from 12 European countries, ranging from a Dutch sustainable investment association and Italian ethical banking group to NGOs that address Norway’s sovereign wealth fund’s investment practices.

SE is a member of ERIN since 2018.


Both ENDS began as a project in 1986 under IUCN Netherlands and established itself as an independent organization in 1990. Since then Both ENDS has supported many hundreds of environmental organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and countries in Central- and Eastern Europe.

Together with environmental justice groups from poor and developing countries, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. They gather and share information about policy and investments that have a direct impact on people and their livelihood, they engage in joint advocacy, they stimulate the dialogue between stakeholders and promote and support sustainable local alternatives.

Both ENDS is a partner in the project Aligning European Pension Divest and Finance.

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) provides holistic, country-driven support to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate and clean energy technologies. The KCIC provides incubation, capacity building services and financing to Kenyan entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing innovative solutions in energy, water and agribusiness to address climate change challenges. The Kenya CIC is an initiative supported by the World Bank’s infoDev and is the first in a global network of CICs being launched by infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP). The Kenya CIC is funded by the United Kingdom’s UKaid and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ADEL Sofala

ADEL was established in 1999 and SE has collaborated with ADEL since 2004. ADEL is one of the most influential environmental NGO’s in Sofala Province in Central Mozambique. ADEL Sofala is a partner in the NRMC component and the Programmatic Communication Platform.

Read more about ADEL Sofala here…

CISU Civil Society in Development

CISU is an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). CISU administers several open funds on behalf of the Danish Government. SE is a member of CISU and CISU is administering several grand mechanisms on behalf of the Danish Government.

Read more about CISU here…

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Community Rehabilitation & Environmental Protection (CREP) Programme

CREP Programme is committed to the enhancement of community awareness and empowerment on issues affecting the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, supporting needy small- scale farmers, community groups and other vulnerable individuals regardless of race, age, gender, education, geographical or ethnic origin, or religion. CREP is a partner in the DaCCA component and the Programmatic Communication Platform.



Danida is the term used for Denmark’s development cooperation, which is an area of activity under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Danida is the back donor of several of SE’s projects and programmes.

Read more about DANIDA here…


The delegation of the European Union to Mozambique granted in 2016 SE and its Mozambican partner, ADEL SOFALA, a project under the Value Chain programme, ProDEL. The project focuses on enhancing local producers’ access to the formal market by improving the production and strengthening integration of the small-scale beekeepers in the value chain of honey production. The project ended in 2019.

Global Focus

Global Focus is a Danish membership body for non-profit organizations (NGOs) working in international development. Global Focus was established to strengthen the cooperation between the Danish organizations and facilitate active engagement between the Danish civil society organizations, the politicians and governmental bodies as well as the media. SE is a member of Global Focus


International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)

INFORSE is a global network of 175 CSOs worldwide that work for sustainable energy. INFORSE is organised around regional networks and INFORSE-Europe is registered as an CSO in Denmark and has SE as one of its founding members. INFORSE-Europe has hosted INFORSE’s global secretariat since 2002. SE and INFORSE are co-partners in several international climate projects.



Ipaj, Institute for Legal Assistance and Representation, was created in 1994 as a Semi-public institution to provide the constitutional right to legal assistance and legal aid to economically disadvantaged. Ipaj is a partner in the NRMC Component.


Livaningo was established in 1998 and has been a partner to SE since 2007. Livaningo is regarded an environmental watchdog and is working with environmental issues in peri-urban areas around Maputo. At a national level Livaningo is involved with a broader environmental agendas. Livaningo is a partner in the NRMC component and the Programmatic Communication Platform.

Mali Folkecenter

In Mali, our main partner is Mali Folkecenter, which is based in Bamako in Mali.

Mali Folkecenter (MFC Nyetaa) is a Malian NGO founded in 1999 and based in the capital Bamako. Since its start, MFC Nyetaa has grown considerably and has activities all over the country today.

MFC Nyetaa’s mission is to get different institutions to work collectively towards the goal of sustainable development in Mali.

MFC Nyetaa works with sustainable resource management and poverty alleviation and they have a strong focus on renewable energy.

Merkur Bank

Merkur Cooperative Bank is a Danish values-based bank that combines classical banking with a vision of a sustainable society. Costumers of Merkur Bank support the work of SE through the so-called Co2 account and Climate Account.

Read more about Merkur Bank here…

Muleide, Women’s Association for Law and Development

MULEIDE’s mission is to promote a culture of respect to human rights, especially those of women. MULEIDE has activities supporting conflict resolution and legal assistance and sponsorship. SE collaboration with Muleide takes point of departure in the Sofala chapter of Muleide. Muleide is a partner in the NRMC component.

National network of environmental journalists

The network was established approx. 10 years ago, and has worked with ADEL Sofala since 2014. The network investigates and disseminates evidence on sustainable or unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. The network is a partner in the NRMC programme.

OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria)

OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) was established in 1993 as a national NGO with its head office in Kisumu City in Western Kenya. OSIENALA’s has created awareness locally and internationally about the problems facing Lake Victoria while at the same time creating structures that would support local communities to become responsible custodian of their environment and the lake. OSIENALA is a partner in the DaCCA component the Programmatic Communication Platform.


SusWatch Kenya

Suswatch Kenya It is a network composed of Civil Society Organizations engaged in varied thematic issues contributing towards sustainable development. It draws its membership from various institutions spread across the country. It is a member of the East Africa Sustainability Watch (EA SusWatch) which was formed in 2005 and comprises of networks of NGOs from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. SusWatch Kenya is a partner in the DaCCA component and the Programmatic Communication Platform.

Read more about SusWatch Kenya here…

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Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO)

TaTEDO is an NGO founded in 1990 with the aim of promoting development of sustainable energy in Tanzania. The mission of TaTEDO is to facilitate access to sustainable energy technologies and services in Tanzania, while enhancing financial sustainability in partnerships with communities, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders for environmental conservation and poverty reduction. TaTEDO is a partner in the Programmatic Communication Platform.


The 92 Group

The Danish 92 Group is a coalition of 23 Danish NGO’s working on issues related to the environment and development. The group was established in 1991 with the mandate of coordinating the Danish NGOs’ preparations for the United Nation’s Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. SE is a member of The 92 Group.

Read more about The 92 Group here…

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Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD)

The Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD) is a national network of more than 40 CSOs coordinating advocacy around issues and commitments made by world governments towards sustainable development – inspired by the Rio+10 project Johannesburg summit 2002. UCSD hosts the regional secretariat for EA SusWatch. UCSD is a partner in the Programmatic Communication Platform.


Umande Trust

Umande Trust is a rights-based agency which believes that modest financial resources can significantly improve access to basic services if strategically invested in to support community-led plans and actions. Umande’s work seeks to eliminate the three poverties of information, participation and organization which compromise the enjoyment of human rights and perpetuate injustices. Umande Trust is a partner in the Programmatic Communication Platform.