New project in the Sofala province sets out to improve economic development and reduce poverty by assisting beekeepers

On April 1st 2016 SustainableEnergy launched a new project called ProDEl in Mozambique in collaboration with its local partner ADEL to improve the value chain of honey production.

ADEL has since 2006 been engaged in the honey sector by supporting honey producers in an effort to improve production and market access. However, there still remains a need to address issues related to the honey production in the province as traditional production methods, poor organization and little experience in packaging hinder small scale producers’ access to markets and in utilizing the big potential for beekeeping in the area.

Therefore, in order to tackle these obstacles, it is crucial to strengthen the performance of the Beekeepers’ Associations and improve the current production system and the coordination of the small-scale producers of honey.

40 beekeeper associations comprising 600 small-scale producers will be involved in the project, and it is estimated that around 600 families connected to beekeeping and 100,000 consumers will benefit from the increased integration of honey production. The project will include activities such as training and application of modern beekeeping practices, capacity building and the establishment of a regional Honey House where hygienic processing and packaging can take place. The project is funded by the EU and will have a duration of 2.5 years.