SustainableEnergy has developed a new advocacy campaign on climate change. The title of the campaign is “Take Climate Action”, and was launched in Denmark earlier this year. The main objective is to raise awareness in Denmark on the consequences of climate change for vulnerable groups in different African countries. The campaign will mobilize the Danish population and decision makers to take responsibility for climate change, hence the campaign’s tag line: Take climate action.

Climate action – a global responsibility

The message in the campaign is clear: People are being affected by climate change right now. Particularly in several African countries where climate changes have disastrous impact on food security, income, health and safety. Often it is already vulnerable people who experience a further decrease in livelihoods due to floods, droughts and unpredictable weather changes. If not tackled up front, it will lead to new levels of poverty. Nevertheless, the positive notion of the campaign is that by reducing CO2 emissions and use smart solutions with adaptation measures, it is possible to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Awareness and advocacy: Guiding the way to actions

The campaign consists of both national and local campaign activities and works especially via social media platforms creating visibility and seeking to put climate change impacts on the political agenda nationally. Simultaneously with this, volunteers implement concrete local events. All activities lead to a campaign website, Both campaign materials, the website and local events, are supported by stories focusing on people taking climate action in both North and South.

The short animation film below is one of the early products of the climate change campaign: