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If you want to know more about SustainableEnergy’s programmes in Africa, or if you want to engage in our work, please contact one of our coordinators.

Helle_VE (4)
Head of International Department
BA jura and Certificate's degree in Relational Leadership and Organisational Development
Tlf.: 26 81 71 19
Finn Tobiesen

Finn Tobiesen

Program coordinator - Kenya
Architect and urban planning
Tlf.: 86 76 07 54 / 21 44 94 31

Glen Swanson

Program coordinator
Cand. Scient. Soc. Anthropology
jens Chr Jensen

Jens Christian Jensen

Controller and financial advisor
Bachelor of commerce
Tlf.: 23 93 53 95


Senior advisor
M.A. International Relations.
Tlf.: 86760444
Bjarke Rambøll

Bjarke Rambøll

Head of secretariat
Tlf.: 20 27 03 44

Partner managers relevant to SustainableEnergys's programmes in Kenya and Mozambique


Kenya, DaCCA Consortium


Elijah Odundo

Programme Coordinator, DaCCA

Velma Oseko

Communication officer, DaCCA
M.A Development Communication (Cont) Bachelor of Science Biotechnology
Godfrey Ogonda_Fotor

Godfrey Ogonda

DaCCA Consortium member, OSIENALA
Ph.D. in Environmental Information Systems
Collins Othieno_Fotor

Collins Othieno

DaCCA Consortium member, CREPP
Nobert Nyandire_Fotor

Nobert Nyandire

DaCCA Consortium member, Suswatch-Kenya
M.A Planning and Bachelor of Environmental Planning and Management.
Milton Oboka_Fotor

Milton Oboka

DaCCA Consortium member, OneVision
Bachelor of Environmental Science
Christine Okwiri_Fotor

Christine Okwiri

Finance Officer, DaCCA

Daniel Nyambok

DaCCA Consortium member, Agriss

Charles Nyakora Onyango

DaCCA Consortium member, C-MAD.
Bachelor in Business Administration with IT Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
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Mozambique, NRMC Consortium

Skærmbillede 2020-06-02 kl. 13.50.53

Hamid Taybo

NRMC Consortium member, ADEL Sofala

Sheila Rafi

NRMC Consortium member, Livaningo
Skærmbillede 2020-06-02 kl. 13.50.53

Gabriel Salato

NRMC Consortium member, IPAJ

Rosaria Zaituna

NRMC Consortium member, Muleide
Licenciatura em psicologia social
Skærmbillede 2020-06-02 kl. 13.50.53

Elias Ainadine

NRMC Consortium member, Farol Consultancies