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Changing gender roles in Mali

Changing gender roles in Mali is good for the environment: Although women in Mali are the main providers and users of environmental resources, women are not very present in local decision-making bodies: “In some places, it is the village elders who decide and women are often not mentioned”, says Rokiatou Sylla Ouatarra, project coordinator in…

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Human Rights

Human Rights make a difference for sustainable development in Kenya: If you work with development assistance, you cannot avoid hearing about ‘the rights based approach’ where your intervention must be based on the UN’s declaration of human rights. This also goes for SustainableEnergy where human rights are operationalized in four principles: Participation, Accountability, Non-discrimination and…

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Success in Paris?

We need to understand each other for success in Paris: In November, the world’s leaders will meet in Paris to try and find a way to stop global warming – yet again. It is the 21st climate conference and SustainableEnergy will participate in the event with several of our African partners. “The biggest barrier for…

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